Mentor Coaching - 

One on one coaching brings about change which tends to not happen when one is on their own to solve their problems and "coach themselves" thru challenges.  How hard do you push yourself?  If we are honest & fair with ourselves we would find that we don't push ourselves quite as hard as we do when we are accountable to another.  Are you are having a hard time reaching your goals?  If you beat yourself up for not being where "you think you should be", if you have a hard time taking action then take the initiative and sign up for your free session.    


Coaching after Yoga

The combination of yoga and coaching is the perfect union of mind and body.  Yoga takes you into the body thru movement while coaching takes you into the mind thru conversation and inquisition.

We host weekly yoga classes during the summer twilight hours against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The intention for the yoga classes will mirror the agenda for the group coaching to create a flow between the two.